Simple nature forms

Yellow and pale olive greens anyone? Dreamy, pastel pinks and accents of blue and indigo? These colours create one of the looks of Spring/Summer 2018 according to The Trend Bible. The current botanical trend will continue but will feature wild florals, weeds and herbs. So! Altogether quite wholesome with an emphasis on bringing the outdoors-in. 

I am working on a collection which fits this aesthetic. Hand drawn, summer flowers and foliage (from sketches from my garden) create simple repeats with space to breath, giving an informal, back to nature, feel. Here are some pics.

Simple stems

Simple stems

The design above was the first design I came up with. I've just taken a drawing (below) from the stem of a flower in my garden (I wish I could remember its name. I can't check since it's deciduous and hasn't come out again yet!)

I think this design would look lovely as a lampshade or perhaps a blind?

Handdrawn Motifs_blog.jpg

I also liked the flower below the stem. It looks more like a few shapes and lines than a flower. I just created a simple repeat with this motif too.



And for my next pattern an autumnal motif, which doesn't quite fit the Spring/Summer look but I don't think interiors trends should come and go as quickly as fashion - how would you keep up?! So I would hope it doesn't really matter! Again it's a simple repeat, this time of a sycamore seed head or 'helicopter'. 


These designs are the first workings towards a collection. I need to do a few more before pulling them all together.

Thanks for reading. 

Kate x